Who We Are

Nuova Photo is an image concept company based in Chicago specializing in portrait and event photography. Our goal is to make your session a unique experience, in which your needs are our main priority. Along with our individual clients, we had the pleasure to work with companies like Rush University, Crate & Barrel, CB2, FARE, Salesforce.comRyder, and Power Reviews, among others.


I was born in Argentina and raised in Italy. My longtime passion for photography brought me to Chicago, IL, where I decided to pursue a degree in Arts with major in Photography Fine Art. I consider myself a citizen of the world, as my life has been shaped by a variety of cultures and experiences. The encounters with people from different paths have great value to me, and photography gives me the opportunity to bring to light their unique traits and essence. 


I am originally from San Francisco, California. My love for photography arrived in 2010, while I was studying engineering. Taking pictures during my free time was a refuge from the formality of numbers. I found myself constantly thinking about photography, and decided to change my career. Once in Chicago, I studied at the School of the Art Institute and obtained a Bachelors in Fine Art.