#Baytour Series: Legion of Honor

Couples Photo Session With Sarah And Mason In San Francisco

Nuova Photo_Legion of Honor_California_Photo_Session-3.jpg

If you have been following us for a while, you know we definitely have a soft spot for San Francisco. With SF Sessions Vol II around the corner, we couldn't think of a better time to take you on a tour of our favorite spots in the bay area. Of course, we can write a book on this, but we’ll start off with one of our favorite places in The City.


The Legion of Honor is in our top three places to have a session so you can imagine our excitement when last year, during the Holiday SF Sessions, we got to do a photoshoot there. Located right above the Pacific Oceans cliffs, it has one of the most stunning views of the bay. What makes it a great spot for sessions is the diverse landscape... you’ll definitely want to wear comfortable shoes and walk it all!


When Sarah and Mason contacted us, they didn’t know what type of session or location they wanted. Talking with them we found out that this young couple had just moved in together, and they were looking to have some nice pictures to frame and put on the walls. Sarah is a dance and Pilates instructor, while Mason is data analyst in the tech industry. Without a doubt, the most important aspect for us was to make sure the place we selected felt like their story: full of romance, life, and inspiration. When we told them we wanted to do it at the Legion of Honor, they jumped right on board.


It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon with the perfect temperature of 65* (we wish winter in Chicago was this gorgeous). We met right outside the main entrance and talked a little about what to expect and showed them different poses. We moved to the sculpture garden and took a few photos to get them loosened up and comfortable with us.

Nuova Photo_Sarah Garland-1.jpg
Nuova Photo_Sarah Garland-2 (1).jpg

We got some great shots of the couple there and decided to do the difficult task of photographing in the patio section of the museum. This was probably the trickiest part of the session, as we needed to make sure that the photographs reflected a sense of intimacy... this is not easy, considering this is one of the most crowded places in the bay area. Before setting up a time for the session, we made sure to check at what time and where the sun was going to be hitting the building. Yeah, we’re complete photo nerds but it’s important to think about those minute details because it would have been a true loss to leave out those beautiful geometrical shadows.

Nuova Photo_Legion of Honor_California_Photo_Session_duo.jpg

After spending about twenty minutes at the Legion of Honor, we eventually crept our way toward the Coastal Trail, weaving through the confines of the Lincoln Park golf course. We wanted to take advantage of the stunning terrain and headed into the woods. The earthy green and brown tones of the cypress trees were so vibrant around the couple.

Nuova Photo_Sarah Garland-4 (1).jpg

Our session ended close to the beach on a tree trunk we couldn’t resist jumping on, despite it expanding over a ditch. Little advice, be prepared to do some balancing act! It was the perfect ending for this majestic photo session. After all, the best pictures happen in the most unimaginable places.

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